Toyota Entune Updates Free via Download



Not the answer I was hoping for, but it is still appreciated. It is somewhat mind boggling that Toyota would build (or contract with someone who would build) what is essentially a computer without a recovery mode. At least I now know what to look for in aftermarket units.
Hi Nav 44. Did you solve the reboot problem? Mine is a 4Runner 2014, and just started rebooting so much, that I am not able to install the software update because of the rebooting issue. Please, let me know if your rebooting problem was fixed and how did you made it?



Was anyone able to locate the firmware to download for the Entune Audio Plus head unit 13TDDANA-EA01_0002.kwi? 2014 4runner w/ pioneer system. Per Toyota bulletin T-SB-0047-14


So, it looks like you are taking quite a CHANCE when you decide to update your OS with a download from Entune. Is it really that BAD ? Why can't Toyota put quality software products out there to match the high quality of there vehicles ? Why would folks take a chance of downloading a BUG into there audio/navigation system that could possibly disable some of its functions? NUTS !!


Is there ANY way to only update the MAPS in the Navigation system w/o changing any of the OS ?

Pierre Denis

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Hi All,

I've just bought a Toyola Hilux 2018 but every time i connect a USB to listen to music, the radio keeps on rebooting. the local dealer can not help.

Does somebody know how can i get software update for the Toyota Hilux 2018?
Software: 13TDDALA-EA01
Operating System: 0715

Can i have your susport?



Toyota does not offer a download for the Entune Audio on 2014 RAV4, but at the same time has a tech bulletin out (T-SB-0015-15 Rev1 April 2, 2015) that lists the software update (BU.70.31) THAT ONLY DEALERS can install. My local dealer says a minimum of $130 to do a 15 software update. Why are they providing downloads for some vehicles and not others....??? For example, the same vehicle with Navigation (Entune Premium Audio) has a free download from this website. Really frustrated with Toyota producing trash and not even providing minimal support.

Henry Nguyen

please provide firmware for Highlander 2019, non-nav. playing mp3 off of USB will cause random radio reboot loop. very annoying.