What Are The Best Brake Pads? Cheap vs Expensive Tested!


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I just wanted to interject some information about Toyota Brake Pads/Jobs at the Toyota Dealer before you watch the video. If you visit your local Toyota Dealer and purchase brake pads from the parts department or have the Service Department perform a brake job, there are 2 options for you to consider.

These are based on price. Toyota offers 2 different price points. 1) The * OEM Factory Pads and 2) **AZ (formerly YZZ) pads with the AZ pads costing less and used in customer pay brake jobs and OEM pads being used in Warranty brake jobs.

Using this chart and locating front brake pads for a 2005-2007 Avalon, you will see that we have 2 different options/part numbers available to use. The OEM Pads use part number 04465-08030 and will run about $78 while they also offer a lower price point version 04465-AZ007 which will cost around $45.

If you look in the lower left corner on the chart listed above, you will see a few notes:

* For Warranty Use Only
** For Customer Pay Sales Only. Parts Include Shim and Grease Kit

You can purchase the OEM higher priced pads from your Toyota Dealer but most likely will not have them in stock and will need to be ordered so keep that in mind.

Now for the video.......

and as an added bonus, one of my favorite toyota videos.....