2018-2019 Toyota Microphone & Safety Connect Inoperative Diagnostic Precautions


See Toyota Tech Tip T-TT-0516-18

The microphone circuit passes through the DCM before reaching the radio/navigation system. To simplify the diagnosis of the microphone, Safety Connect SOS button lights, and DCM (Telematics transceiver) inoperative conditions, refer to the procedure below to prevent unnecessary parts replacement.

1) Disconnect the 12V battery for 30 minutes to reset/initialize the DCM

2) Confirm if the microphone is still inoperative, Safety Connect SOS button lights, or (DCM) conditions have changed by performing a reset/initialization

3) If the microphone is operating normally and the green SOS light is ON, normal operation has been restored

4) If the microphone is still inoperative, the SOS has no lights, or a steady red light ON, diagnose them per the repair manual

5) Be sure to check all wiring and DCM connections before replacing the microphone